There’s a huge storm coming, I think it’s name is Isaac, coincidentally on the eve of the seven year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  The insane clown posse that is the GOP had to cancel the Monday opening of the Republican National Convention because of Isaac.  However, I don’t think Mitt Romney is upset about losing that particular night of the convention, it wasn’t going to be televised and it’s like George Romero said “If it didn’t happen on camera, it’s like it didn’t happen, right?”  

Face eating Zombie, that happened in Florida, the RNC is happening in Florida.  Do these conservative people believe in Zombies?  When Jesus cured the leper and brought him back from the dead, technically he was a zombie.  Jesus loved Zombies, Jesus loved tax collectors, I won’t go down the list, just know Jesus loved everyone.  Republicans hate the IRS, hate the poor, the gays, the government (the majority of them work for the government which really means they hate themselves), they hate women, they even hated people with AIDS for a while, (until a few of them started getting it), and they hate brown people.

“Food stamp president!”  “I don’t need to show my birth certificate to prove I was born here!”  “I’ll build an electric fence to keep the illegals out!”  (Herman Cain said that, he called it a joke, not knowing he was the joke)  Show me your papers law, banning books in Arizona about Latin American history etc

I don’t know if these people believe in Zombies but they do believe in God sending them messages.  There’s a huge storm, a hurricane, coming to the convention, causing them to cancel the first night, is that not God trying to tell them something?  On the eve of the Katrina anniversary, as a reminder of their previous callousness, negligence and denial of climate change, what do these people think first to say?

Rush Limbaugh:  “The National Hurricane Center, which is a government agency, very hopeful that the hurricane gets near Tampa. The National Hurricane Center is Obama. … We who live in South Florida become experts on our own. We don’t need the National Hurricane Center. We don’t need all these weather dolts analyzing this for us.”

Rush just turned President Obama into Storm from the X-Men. (I knew this was coming when he said the Democrats came up with Batman’s Bane to make Romney look bad.)

These people are clearly insane.  There’s a storm coming and, I hope they drown in it.

Footnote:  The face eating Zombie was neither a zombie nor on “bath salts” but he was from Florida

[Gratuitous photo of Storm and Black Panther because I love it too much to omit 🙂 ]

Now that's a damn fine pic!




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