Post I did for Small Doses that I enjoyed writing

small doses

“Ugh I’m so ugly today.”

“What??  Lil tu eres bella (you’re beautiful)!”

“Thank you, my love but that is not true.  I put entirely too much styling product in my hair, it looks greasy, stringy, sweaty….this hair is not beautiful, stop lying to me, to make me feel better. ”

“Oy! Lil! Es! Bella! Get that through your head.”

Lil Es Bella that is where my “name” came from but the fact is it’s a name born out of irony because everyone is not beautiful.

Everyone is not beautiful.

I get a lot of heat for this statement but, it’s true, everyone is not beautiful.  If you look around you, you will see non-beautiful, normal everyday people with nothing that stands out about them.  It is very rare that you actually see someone who is beautiful.

There are beautiful moments, beautiful chairs, beautiful paintings, beautiful art in general, even beautiful…

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